Vehicle Charge

All Tempovalido vehicles are delivered with at least 80% electric charge and must be delivered with at least 15%. If, when returning the vehicle, the vehicle is not charged with at least 15%, you will pay an additional supplement of € 30.00 for the charging service.

Baby chairs

Upon prior request from the Client, Tempovalido will make this equipment available, upon payment of an additional supplement of € 6.50 per day up to a maximum of € 65.00 per rental.


Upon prior request from the Client, Tempovalido makes the GPS system available, upon payment of an additional supplement of € 6.50 per day up to a maximum of € 65.00 per rental. This equipment is subject to deductible in case of loss or damage, and is not covered by SUPER CDW / Deductible Reduction.


All drivers must present, at the beginning of the rental, a driving license, citizen’s card or passport. The driving license must be valid for driving in Portugal and issued for at least 1 year. Driving licenses issued in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew or Japanese, will only be valid accompanied by an international driving license. The aforementioned driving license must enable the Driver to drive light vehicles (Class B). In the case of using a credit card, it must be presented at the time of delivery of the vehicle to the Customer, and the presentation of a digital / virtual credit card or currency exchange cards is not valid. Only one credit card per reservation is allowed.

Minimum age

The minimum age for driving an Tempovalido vehicle is 21 years.

Young drivers

All drivers with a driving license for more than 1 year but under the age of 21 can drive a Tempovalido vehicle, subject to the payment of a supplement of € 6.5 / day up to a maximum of € 110.00.

Maximum age

There is no maximum age to drive a Tempovalido vehicle, as long as the driving license is valid and meets all other requirements.

Additional drivers

Only the driver or other persons duly identified in the rental agreement, as additional drivers, may drive the Tempovalido vehicle. Each additional driver will be charged an additional supplement of € 6.00 / day up to a maximum of € 60.00.

Security deposit

All Customers must make a security deposit depending on the deductible. The security deposit can be made by debit card or in the form of a debit authorization at credit card, and the cardholder must be present when the vehicle is picked up. The pre-authorization includes the value of the deductible (in cases where the customer does not subscribe to the additional deductible exemption protection), and other extras accepted at the counter.

Deliveries and collections

Tempovalido vehicles must be delivered and collected at Tempovalido rental station. Deliveries and pickups elsewhere can be arranged upon request at the time of booking, subject subject to an additional supplement of € 20.00 within the city limits. There is an additional service charge outside the station limits (within a 20km radius) of € 0.60. Tempovalido grants a 20-minute grace period for delivery and collection. After this grace period, there is no return to the place of delivery and the vehicle must be returned / collected at the Tempovalido rental station. In the case of collection after this grace period, an additional day will be charged.

Out of hours

Deliveries and collections outside normal operating hours at Tempovalido rental station are subject to availability and confirmation by Tempovalido. An additional supplement of € 40.00 will be charged for each service.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is 1 day.
A rental is counted in periods of 24 hours. A 59-minute grace period is granted, after which an extra rental day will be charged at the public rate, as well as the Complementary Products requested at the beginning of the rental. Rental contracts cannot exceed 30 days in duration. If the rental is longer than 30 days, a new rental contract must be issued. Additional days not covered by the rental contract will be charged according to the current public rate.


All rentals are billed on all days at the rate in effect at the beginning of the rental.


All reservations, extensions and / or cancellations must be made by e-mail to Tempovalido, or through the website www.tempovalido.net. Reservations will be confirmed by vehicle group requested. The make, model or color of the rented vehicles will not be subject to confirmation, the Customers’ preference being subject to availability at the beginning of the rental. If the vehicle is returned before the contracted period, the total number of days in the contract will always be charged.

Payment Methods

. Credit card – you must present the same credit card used for payment, valid and in your name, which will be used for the security deposit (the Credit Card used for the security deposit must be valid up to 30 days after the date of delivery of the vehicle).
. Debit card – you must present the same debit card used to make the transaction, valid and in your name.

Airport service

All rentals starting at the airport are subject to an additional service supplement of € 40.00.

Toll Service

Tempovalido vehicles are equipped with an identifier that allows tickets and payments on toll gates. To take advantage of the Toll Service, the customer must request this service when collecting the vehicle. To do this, you must present a valid credit card (presented when booking) and accepted by Tempovalido. Subscribing to this service has a daily cost of € 1.845 up to a maximum amount per rental of € 18.45, to which are added the amounts due for the effective passage and use of the toll gateways.
This equipment is subject to deductible in case of theft, theft, loss or damage in the amount of € 90.48, not being covered by the SCDW / Reduction of Deductible.

Fines Management Fee

In the event of fines or violations in which Tempovalido needs to identify drivers, a fee of € 40.00 is payable for the service provided.

Kilometer Limit

All rentals have a maximum limit of 3.000 kilometers, if you exceed this limit, each additional kilometer will cost € 0.2.

Hot Spot WI-FI

This equipment has a daily value of € 8.00, in case of loss or damage the value will be debited from the deposit.

Vehicle Cleaning

In case the vehicle requires a special cleaning procedure (ie, removing odors, animal pollution, spilling liquids, etc.) after the return, an additional cleaning supplement of € 100.00 will be applied.

Smoking inside the vehicle

The Driver / Customer is forbidden to smoke inside all Tempovalido Vehicles.
The verification of signs on the vehicle that evidence such conduct determines the payment by the Customer of a € 100.00 penalty.

Loss of documents

In case of loss or loss of documents of Vehicle, regardless of the reasons given, the Client is responsible for the payment of € 50.00 per document.

Chauffer Service

Upon prior request from the Client, Tempovalido provides the Chauffer Service. This service charge is € 100.00 per day, from 9 am to 6 pm, € 20.00 per extra hour.


If you need to cancel your pre-paid reservation, you can cancel free of charge right until the day of collection with no fee or penalty incurred. However, if you fail to pick up your car without cancelling, a No Show/Lost Rental Fee of € 40.00 must be paid.

Insurance, coverage and assistance


Customers and drivers must report to Tempovalido all accidents in which they are involved within a period not exceeding 24 hours of their occurrence, as well as deliver the Friendly Declaration of Automobile Accident, duly completed, with the all the data correctly filled. We recommend the presence of the police authorities at the place and time of the accident, in order to ascertain all the circumstances in which the accident occurred.

Deductible Reduction

Liability insurance

All Tempovalido vehicles are covered by an insurance policy worth 50 million Euros. Violation of the general terms and conditions of the Tempovalido rental agreement may determine the non-applicability of the terms of the policy. This insurance is included in the daily rental tariff.

Collision Damage Waiver - CDW

The CDW limits the Client’s financial liability. As long as the terms and conditions of the Tempovalido rental agreement have not been violated, the Customer will not be responsible for damages, caused or not by accident, that exceed a minimum amount called a deductible. This insurance is also included in the daily rental tariff.

Super CDW

The deductibles referring to the CDW and TP may be excluded by paying an additional daily supplement of € 24.00. Within the scope of this product it is excluded, glass breakage, loss of car keys, damage to the bottom of the vehicle, top or side of vehicles due to passing under bridges, arcades or narrow paths, with the Customer being responsible for all damages arising from this warning.

Reduction of financial liability in case of theft - TP

As long as the terms and conditions of Tempovalido rental agreement have not been violated, the Customer will not be responsible for theft, in full or in part, of the Tempovalido vehicle that exceeds a minimum amount called deductible. TP does not include protection against personal property or customers goods. This supplement is charged € 9.90 / day.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

For your protection and other occupants, this insurance guarantees you a wide range of guarantees, capital and modalities that allow you to face any unforeseen, namely, medical expenses  and compensation for death or permanent disability. This supplement is charged at € 4.00 / day.

Broken Glass Coverage (BGC)

Protect yourself from liability in the event of damage to the windows or tires.
If the vehicle is used in accordance with the general rental terms and conditions, this additional coverage exempts liability in the event of isolated glass breakage or isolated tire damage. This supplement is charged at € 9.90 / day.

Damage Management Fee

Payment of a management fee of € 100.00 whenever there is damage of € 60.00 or more or if you have not previously subscribed to the SCDW.

Travel Assistance

All prices include 24-hour roadside assistance, for breakdown or accident of the rental vehicle. This service provides for the breakdown or towing of the rented vehicle and transporting the occupants to Tempovalido rental station.
The contact number for travel assistance is available in the car rental contract folder.

Vehicle maintenance

The Customer and authorized drivers are responsible for the correct use of the vehicle and for the observance of the usage rules defined by the manufacturers.
All repair, maintenance or replacement costs for oils and fluids that do not exceed € 25.00 will be reimbursed upon presentation of the respective invoice-receipt in the name of Tempovalido, taxpayer number 515.616.320.
Expenses of a higher value require prior authorization, which must be requested to Tempovalido.

Border Crossing

If there is a movement abroad without authorization and without acceptance by Tempovalido under special conditions, Tempovalido and Insurance Company are exempted of the responsibility for the payment of any damages or losses, personal or material, caused the driver or third parties, being responsible in this way the Client.


All services, additional protections, deductibles and Complementary Products include VAT at the legal rate in force at the date of the transaction.

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